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Twelve Clans Unity Hospital and Outpatient Clinic
225 US-75
Winnebago, NE 68071

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This is a truly rare opportunity that is both exciting and rewarding if you are looking to make a difference.  You'll have a community that is totally supportive to our vision to provide high-quality comprehensive health care for all our patients.  You'll have the opportunity to become an integral member of our medical team with an organization that values your love of medicine and welcomes your input.

Join our newly acquired, locally owned, and tribally managed healthcare organization, Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare System and the Twelve Clans Unity Hospital.  We are dedicated to a unified health system that includes community health care, behavioral health care, inpatient hospital care, and emergency care all under the tribe.   

The Twelve Clans Unity Hospital is a 13-bed rural hospital that provides health care to a population of approximately 10,000 Native Americans enrolled as members of the Winnebago, Omaha, Santee Sioux and Ponca tribes, as well as others.  Our services include inpatient hospital care, an outpatient clinic, 24/7 emergency services, a pharmacy, radiology, and other support services.

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Winnebago, NE

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The Winnebago Indian Reservation lies in the northern half of Thurston County in northeastern Nebraska.  The largest community on the Reservation is the Village of Winnebago.  Located on the eastern side of the Reservation, Winnebago is home to most Winnebago tribal members and accounts for almost thirty percent of the Reservation's resident population.

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, as a sovereign Nation, is committed pursuant to its Constitution, To maintain, improve and protect the Tribe; To preserve its resources and cultural heritage; To create opportunities for its members to thrive and become economically and socially self-sufficient as individuals, families and as a tribal government; and, thereby, promote the harmony of traditional values, beliefs which will ensure a positive course of action for future generations.

Winnebago is less than 30 minutes from Sioux City, IA the perfect place for weekend entertainment. Think of South Sioux City as your three-in-one travel bonus: this trio of metropolitan areas includes locations in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. As the urban center for shopping, entertainment and culture in the tri-state region, Sioux City provides plenty to see and do with historic monuments, shopping, interactive museums, serene parks and more.


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