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Tia Los Angeles
3921 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Facility Details

Tia is the next generation women’s healthcare platform bringing empathy and innovation together to help women thrive.

We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, technologists and care providers who have seen first-hand how women's needs have been radically underserved and underestimated. We’re on a mission to build a new, human-centered care model from the ground up — online and offline. Come join us!

What We're Building

Tia builds products, tools, and services designed to help every woman be her own patient advocate and get meaningfully better care. Since launch, Tia has had more than 200,000 1:1 conversations with women about their health through the Tia app, giving them a front-row seat to everything that is working and not working in women’s healthcare today. Now, the Tia Clinic is the latest product in the Tia ecosystem that pairs equal parts sass-and-science brand, technology, and community with real-world healthcare services to create an inclusive, personalized, and compassionate experience that sets a new standard for women’s health.


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