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The Institute for Family Health - Bronx

Bronx, NY 10453

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The Institute for Family Health is a mission-driven health organization with a rich history and expert leadership. Since 1983 we have grown from a small non-profit with four staff members to one of the largest community health centers in New York State, serving over 90,000 patients annually at 27 locations.

What makes the Institute unique?
The Institute is committed to high-quality, affordable health care for all. We strive for excellence at each of our 27 practices, while accepting all patients regardless of their ability to pay. We offer primary care, mental health, dental care, social work and many other services to patients of all ages.

As a federally-qualified community health center (FQHC) network, we meet national standards for affordable, accessible, comprehensive health care services. We also participate in the federal medical professional liability program known as the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). We are accredited by the Joint Commission and recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a Level 3 patient-centered medical home, the highest recognition available.

The Institute operates 19 health centers in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Dutchess and Ulster Counties in the Mid-Hudson Valley. People of all ages are welcome at our centers.

We offer primary medical care, behavioral health (counseling) and dental care, along with many other services. We use a state-of-the-art electronic health record system so we can give you great health care.

The Institute for Family Health is committed to training the next generation of allied health professionals to provide high quality, family-oriented care to people in underserved communities.

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Bronx, NY

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Additional Recreation Information

People all around the world know the Bronx as the home of the New York Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, and the New York Botanical Garden—not to mention as the birthplace of hip-hop. Look deeper and you’ll discover the quaint maritime village of City Island, the cultural attractions of Fordham and Belmont, aka the “real Little Italy,” centered on the restaurants and cafés of Arthur Avenue. Grand Concourse, in the South Bronx, is full of art deco marvels.

The Bronx Zoo of the Wildlife Conservation Society is the premier place to study and appreciate the world's many creatures. Home to more than 6,000 animals, the zoo spans 265 acres that re-create the diverse natural habitats of its numerous residents. The New York Botanical Garden, neighbor to the Bronx Zoo, is a wonderland for everything that grows. Featuring more than a million plants on 250 acres, the Botanical Garden is a place for study and research as well as enchantment and exploration. Take a seasonal walk to see what’s in bloom or visit the Home Gardening Center for tips to take home to your own patch of earth.

Some visitors—and even native New Yorkers—are under the impression that an optimal stay in the South Bronx involves stepping off the subway, going to a Yankees baseball game and heading right back to the train. That impression is decidedly false. The area around the stadium is packed with cultural attractions and homey restaurants, all within walking distance of the train and one another. The South Bronx also has a community feel.

The Grand Concourse abounds with works of art, not the least of which is the thoroughfare itself. The most obvious stop on a South Bronx art tour is the Bronx Museum of the Arts. The longstanding institution took residence in a new building in 2006, and its collection reflects the multicultural character of its home borough. Hostos Community College's Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture, meanwhile, is home to the Longwood Art Gallery. Hush Hip Hop Tours also focus on the South Bronx, the music genre's birthplace.

In addition to the Yankees themselves, Yankee Stadium is now home to New York City FC, the area's newest professional soccer team, which has drawn strong attendance and considerable media attention in the early going. Monument Park and the Yankees' on-site museum are other attractions to check out while you're at the stadium. Heritage Field, the park next door, gives local kids a chance to take their cuts on the same grounds as Yankee greats like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Arthur Avenue, the heart of the Bronx’s Little Italy (aka Belmont), is a compact slice of the old country. Lined with welcoming shops, bakeries and restaurants—many of which fly the Italian flag—the blocks thrum with activity, much of it food related. Folks of every age and background amble in and out of family-run markets, linger over cappuccinos in time-honored cafés and tuck into bowls of bucatini on outdoor patios. A daylong culinary tour—watching the locals make fresh pasta, sampling ricotta and slurping an oyster street-side—is a transporting experience. The commercial strip is the heart of the Belmont neighborhood; most of the action takes place there or on the avenue's side streets, prompting travelers from near and far to shop, dine and otherwise immerse themselves in the colorful experience.


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