Candidate Advisor

530 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Lewisville, TX 75057

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    530 E. Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Lewisville, TX 75057
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    Full Time

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Job Description

Just what the heck is a “Candidate Advisor?” At The Inline Group (TIG), the people responsible for working with our amazing primary care providers are called Candidate Advisors (CAs). TIG matches the perfect candidate to the perfect job. The CA performs that critical role of sourcing and screening, working with the client toward success.

With the backup of our state of the art technology, the CA identifies the candidate’s needs and preferences. Every candidate gets a live, in person, call from an expert in their specialty. At TIG, the CA reveals the exact location and details of the job to the candidate, leaving no doubt about the location or facility. Total transparency allows the CA to truly become an advisor to their physicians. We never convince a candidate to take a job just to get a placement.

Our model is designed to provide the clients and candidates with choices. Depending upon the specifics of each job, the CA works to identify as many candidates as the market supports.

Continuous marketing and resources allow you a constant stream of new candidates to talk to. Work with a team that gets to hear, “Yes.” Our technology minimizes the repetition of the job and automates many functions, yet our professional CAs talk to each candidate. The perfect blend of technology and tradition. The CA job is a professional position and requires excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Like to work hard, committed to excellence, like technology and the phone? Give us a call and get started on a path to a great career.

What we need:

  • Self-motivation and desire to change your life
  • Evidence of a strong work ethic
  • Good grammar and diction in both writing and speaking
  • A love affair with the phone
  • Encouragement and enthusiasm for other’s success