Job Opening

Ventura County Medical Center has a job opening for a qualified Psychiatry physician in Ventura, CA

Job Details

Part Time


5 - 20 hours of coverage each week


New Graduates


$188.00 per hour for Adult Part-Time W-2 Employees
$197.00 per hour for Child Part-Time W-2 Employees

Attractive 401K and Competitive Company Match
Practice Type: Employee

Setting: Outpatient

J1 Visa
H1B Visa


Additional Info:

Ventura County Behavioral Health (Outpatient Services)

Consists of 15 different programs throughout the county serving Older Adults, Adults, and Child & Adolescents (ages 5-18)
Must be in person on site
Child and Adolescent fellow is ideal for treating ages 5 - 18
Older Adult services are field based with a caseload of 30
EMR - Avatar
Serves County based chronic patients
Clinics in Conejo, Santa Paula, Filmore, and Simi Valley
Spanish speaking preferred

VCBH provides mental health and substance use treatment services. VCBH provides support for individuals and families who are in crisis; people considering suicide; or those struggling with mental illness, substance use, or both. We are committed to reducing stigma and discrimination. We promote wellness through a wholeperson care approach where clients and families are empowered by appropriate, accessible, timely, culturally sensitive, and collaborative behavioral health services.

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